Pharmeum is now proudly incubated by the National Westminster Bank

Unlocking the value in your data, to power every AI Product and Application in Healthcare.
Pharmeum is a decentralized network of Medical Data, empowered through Blockchain technology. On top of which, every Healthcare application can build on, accessing previously unobtainable data securely.

Pharmeum App Network

Global Healthcare, with endless capabilities

  • Access Healthcare

    Accelerating the creation of every data-powered Healthcare application to become personalised, precise, and advanced

  • Power AI

    You are the fuel, by being able to contribute to the next generation of Smart Health applications and AI Networks.

  • Earn Crypto

    Passively earn PHRM Coins from all applications that are listed on the network when they use your valuable data.

Why Pharmeum?

The catalyst to building super-intelligent Healthcare

A WORKING PRODUCT already in use

Interoperability in the value-transfer of data with PHRM Coins

Passively earn rewards for your valuable Medical Data

Who we're working with

How it works

Pharmeum’s blockchain-based platform consists of Medical Data from users all over the world. This data is structured and anonymised, allowing all Healthcare and Pharmaceutical solutions to build on the network.

Users :
  • Receive Crypto as a reward for their data, with minimal effort
  • Contribute and become a fuelling part of next-generation Healthcare, AI and Medicine globally
  • Can profit from a previously-unrecognised asset that they own
Applications :
  • Can pay a PHRM listing fee to build on the Pharmeum Domain
  • Develop state-of-the-art algorithms by accessing a large, valuable data-set
  • Build Healthcare products that are now personalised and precise to their exact user

Data is a Currency

In the past two years alone, more than 90% of the entire world’s data was created. This is because of the increase in Smartphone and IoT usage.

We now collect more information than ever before, however the true benefit and potential of this is still new.

Pharmeum believes that in Healthcare, the value of this data is in building the future of Artificial Intelligence and mobile Health applications. These technologies feed on data, and the ability to access a large amount of it is difficult.

Enter Blockchain.

We can now incentivise the secure and private sharing of everyone’s data through PHRM Coins. While all users can trust the Blockchain to give them full rights and control over their valuable asset.

Why Healthcare?

Medical Data is the most valuable data-type of all, and it is one of the few records collected throughout your entire life.
The soaring price is due to the potential the information holds. If it is controlled using Blockchain technology, then the applications are virtually unlimited.

Some of the potential of using Blockchain-based Medical Data include:

  • Building supply-chain solutions with exact demographic knowledge
  • Creating AI-doctor chatbots
  • Developing Health-based games and Fitness app’s that are personalised to you
  • Developing pattern-recognising algorithms for AI-based diagnosis


The universal Healthcare and Data token that is used across applications building on the Pharmeum Network, including Healthcare Payments, TeleMedicine, Diagnostics and many more.

PHRM Coins are a data-driven token that create interoperability in the value-transfer of your data.

The dependency of the PHRM IEO token is crucial for the Pharmeum eco-system to function, including:

  • To be listed on the Pharmeum App Network, applications pay a listing fee, in PHRM Coins.
  • This PHRM is earned by the users data that the application runs on.
  • Applications use PHRM as an in-app/in-game payment method
  • Users can spend their PHRM in potentially hundreds of different applications in Healthcare

Token Sale

PHRM IEO tokens will be used in a large number of Healthcare applications, creating a more efficient transfer of value within the network. PHRM Coins create interoperability in exchanging data between users and the applications building on the network. PHRM tokens will only be available through a private round (tokens locked for 3-12 months) and a public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Token Name :


Total Supply :


Tokens For Sale :

562,500,000 (25%)

Price :

TBD (~$0.02)

Soft Cap :

$ 1.5m USD

Hard Cap :

$ 9m USD

Accepted Cryptocurrencies :


Distribution :

Generated and distributed after ICO

Distribution & Usage





  • What has Pharmeum already accomplished?

    Besides being presented at Blockchain events all over the world, our focus has been to accomplish more than other projects, before the PHRM Token Sale.
    Pharmeum already has a working product adopted and in use daily within the UK, one of the most strict healthcare industries. The Pharmeum Proof of Concept was live near August 2018, and the live blockchain MVP is successfully completed.
    Pharmeum is focused on delivering results as opposed to being merely just a theory. Putting the project far ahead of all of its competition.

  • What inspired the creation of Pharmeum?

    The inspiration is to accelerate the creation of super-intelligent Healthcare. This came from the realisation that data is the future. Some of the biggest companies in the world have already recognised the value of data. By using Blockchain technology we can allow users to control their data and be rewarded from it too.
    This empowers everyone, even those in poorer countries, to profit from an asset that we all own.

  • What is unique about Pharmeum?

    Pharmeum is more focused on creation and traction, rather than just hype. The team have invested the past 2-3 years in building something that will become the final ingredient to advancing AI and Healthcare forever.

  • How will I benefit from the IEO token?

    Data is the next big currency.
    PHRM IEO tokens solve the issue within the interoperability of transferring and earning PHRM for data.
    You can earn a digital token for your valuable data, and spend PHRM within real-world applications building on the network.

  • What is Pharmeum’s vision for the future?

    We believe that the dependency on data will grow over time. With this, the potential in your data will also grow. Pharmeum’s vision is to become the backbone of all digital Healthcare, Medicine and Pharma applications.
    This will be a universe where users are at the centre. They control their data, earn crypto, and contribute to being a part of next-gen Healthcare globally.

  • When will Pharmeum’s IEO Token Sale start?

    Currently our main focus is development and partnerships. For these reasons, the Public Sale is not open yet.
    The Public Sale will likely be in December 2019.
    To give you the best chance to participate in the Public PHRM Token Sale, we recommend signing up on the waiting list and marking the ‘Welcome email’ as important.

  • When will Pharmeum tokens be listed on an exchange?

    The PHRM token sale will be carried out as an IEO, meaning that the public sale actually takes place on an exchange. Pharmeum is a unique project and many leading exchanges have shown interest in listing PHRM. The exact name of the exchange will be revealed closer to the Public Sale in December 2019.

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