Why now?

In the past two years, 90% of the world's data was created

One person's Health Data is valued at over $1000

Google recently obtained 50M+ peoples Health Data

Pharmeum, a new data-economy

Imagine profiting from your data as an asset. Now, imagine a blockchain-enabled control of this asset. What if we could incentivise everyone to contribute their data into a decentralized data-economy, solving the accessibility to this fuel for technology?

Pharmeum is all of these things, and more.

Pharmeum is a data-powered blockchain network enabling the creation of user-personalised applications.

The inspiration for Pharmeum is to create value in an asset which we all possess.

PHRM coins, the language of value-transfer

An interoperable token, exchanged between applications and users.

Within a Blockchain data-economy, PHRM tokens create a single digital language between the listed applications and your data.

PHRM tokens –

  • Create interoperability between all users and apps
  • Enable a global, decentralized access to the Pharmeum Network
  • Tokenize the flow of value

PHRM tokens are currently only available via the private pre-sale round.

Data in DeFi

Data accounts for a growing amount of the entire world’s GDP.

Blockchain creates the perfect opportunity to build censorship-resistant financial models, by using data as an asset.

Based on the value of a bulk amount of data, this can be collateralized to create data-backed stable-coins. Thereby, using data as a liquid collateral; a promising application of the Pharmeum Network.

Priced data-set x available data = collateral for data-backed stable-coins

This is a new direction, from using existing resources (e.g. Fiat/Gold). Providing an opportunity in Pharmeum to use data within decentralized finance on a global level.

Who we're working with

Data, the next big currency

The fuel for user-personalised applications is data.

With 5G and IoT device usage increasing, the rate of data-creation is growing to unseen levels. Pharmeum believes that the potential in this fuel is revolutionary.

By creating a crowd-sourced blockchain network, any digital Health application can deploy smarter, unprecedented applications on top of Pharmeum.

Examples of applications include –

Artificial Intelligence

AI is dependent on data-access to perform accurately. On top of Pharmeum, AI solutions (e.g. Diagnostics) can train their models with a large data-set of patterns. Thereby accelerating Medical AI creation globally.


Pharmaceutical companies can build user-personalised advertisements by creating product ads that would be suited towards their exact customers’ Health profile. Thereby, reducing their cost-to-market greatly.

Supply Chains

Pharmeum enables the creation of ‘Smart’ supply-chains. Here, the supply-chain can tap into the precise market information of their end-customers’ demands. This market information would assist in sales and worldwide distribution.

Health Apps

Mobile applications, e.g. Fitness apps, can create user-specific experiences based on the data of similar profiles to their users. Increasing engagement.

The cycle of PHRM tokens

All stakeholders interchange PHRM Coins as a single ‘language’ of value transfer.

Below is the complete cycle of PHRM:

  • First, applications purchase PHRM to pay for the listing fee
  • This PHRM is stored by the listed application, the ongoing listing fee is deducted from this balance
  • Based on their data-demands, the listing fee is divided between all users, as a passive reward-stream for their data
  • Users can hold PHRM within their in-app wallet and use PHRM to pay as an in-app payment within the applications

Token Sale

PHRM tokens are a vital part of the Pharmeum decentralized data-economy. PHRM tokens will only be available through a private round (tokens locked for 3-12 months) and a public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Token Name :


Total Supply :


Tokens For Sale :

562,500,000 (25%)

Price :

TBD (~$0.02)

Soft Cap :

$ 1.5m USD

Hard Cap :

$ 9m USD

Accepted Cryptocurrencies :


Distribution :

Generated and distributed after ICO

Distribution & Usage





  • What has Pharmeum already accomplished?

    Besides being presented at Blockchain events all over the world, our focus has been to accomplish more than other projects, before the PHRM Token Sale.
    Pharmeum already has a working product adopted and in use daily within the UK, one of the most strict healthcare industries. The Pharmeum Proof of Concept was live near August 2018, and the live blockchain MVP is successfully completed.
    Pharmeum is focused on delivering results as opposed to being merely just a theory. Putting the project far ahead of all of its competition.

  • What inspired the creation of Pharmeum?

    The inspiration is to accelerate the creation of super-intelligent Healthcare. This came from the realisation that data is the future. Some of the biggest companies in the world have already recognised the value of data. By using Blockchain technology we can allow users to control their data and be rewarded from it too.
    This empowers everyone, even those in poorer countries, to profit from an asset that we all own.

  • What is unique about Pharmeum?

    Pharmeum is more focused on creation and traction, rather than just hype.
    Pharmeum already has active users within the UK, and is projected to achieve millions of users in the years 2020-2021. The team have invested the past 2-3 years in building something that will become the final ingredient to advancing AI forever.

  • How will I benefit from the IEO token?

    Data is the next big currency.
    PHRM IEO tokens solve the issue within the interoperability of transferring and earning PHRM for data.
    You can earn a digital token for your valuable data, and spend PHRM within real-world applications building on the network.

  • What is Pharmeum’s vision for the future?

    We believe that the dependency on data will grow over time. With this, the potential in your data will also grow. Pharmeum’s vision is to become the backbone of all digital Healthcare, Medicine and Pharma applications.
    This will be a universe where users are at the centre. They control their data, earn crypto, and contribute to being a part of next-gen Healthcare globally.

  • When will Pharmeum’s IEO Token Sale start?

    Currently our main focus is development and partnerships. For these reasons, the Public Sale is not open yet.
    The Public Sale will likely be sometime in Q1 2020.
    To give you the best chance to participate in the Public PHRM Token Sale, we recommend signing up on the waiting list and marking the ‘Welcome email’ as important.

  • When will Pharmeum tokens be listed on an exchange?

    Pharmeum is currently in the private pre-sale stage.
    The PHRM token sale will be carried out as an IEO, meaning that the public sale actually takes place on an exchange. Pharmeum is a unique project and many leading exchanges have shown interest in listing PHRM. The exact name of the exchange will be revealed closer to the Public Sale in Q1 2020.

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